Bringing Fictional Martial Arts to Life.

The Springfield Jedi Arts Academy is a community of Star Wars enthusiast, YOU As of now we will meet at least once a month to learn light saber skills and deepen our understanding of the way of the Jedi.

Mental, Physical and Force Awareness training.

Combining exercise, meditation and developing your intuition in an effort to become more benevolent, happier and healthier human being.

A FORCE for Good.

We hope to extend this as a Force for good in our community by doing demonstrations at hospitals, encouraging exercise and providing an activity for children and families who love the ideals found in the Way of the Force.

Gain professional experience.

Join us as we practice lightsaber combat alongside certified martial artists, fight choreographers and gymnasts to participate in a practice that transcends science fiction fandom.

Join use if you are interested in having some fun, getting some exercise and doing some good in the community!