Between mind, motion and martial art.


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Experienced Teachers

In business in Springfield since 1999. Lead Instructor, Mr. Theron Sturgess, began his training in Martial Arts back in 1986.

Balance Body And Mind

Increase your strength. Improve focus and concentration. Develop skill and awareness. Cultivate calm and peace of mind.

A Class for Everyone.

We have classes for men, women, and children.

Private Sessions

Want to avoid the crowd? Schedule a one-on-one private session.


Dynamic Edge Kenpo Karate

6:45pm - 7:45pm Mon. and Wed.

6:30pm - 7:30pm Tues and Thurs

Little Ninjas

5:25PM - 5:55PM

Monday - Thursday


6:00 PM- 6:45 PM

Monday & Friday


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-- Arabella Edwards

" I appreciate the lessons concerning respect. The Kids and I have used them frequently to settle disputes before they grow into big disagreements. The kids "got it" and are using it and I can see a difference in how the deal with each other. Thank You! "

-- Grandma Adams

" Thank you for helping us with our methods of individual sports class this Spring. We really appreciate the introduction to the Martial Arts and Self-Defense that you gave us and we really enjoyed your teaching style. We learned a great deal (during) our brief time with you. "

-- Chad G

" We appreciate everything you have done. Brock loves karate!! It has also made him a better, stronger, more focused little man. "

-- Leigh Anne S.

" My son Julian has been enrolled for about two and a half months and he is really in love wit it. He is behaving better at home and is more focused. He listens better at home plus he is showing more respect for me (his mother). I was recently told by his soccer coach that Julian has improved his focus and listening skills. He scored his first goal in the first game of the season. I'm extremely proud and love Dynamic Edge and their teachers. "

-- Julian’s Mom

" I came to Dynamic Edge looking to get a handle on my temper and for better focus in life. It never dawned on me the fitness benefits of studying martial arts. Now, along with the inner strength Dynamic Edge has helped me develop, I have new found physical strength and fitness. "

-- Thom H.

" We have noticed such a change in our seven year old son since he began training at Dynamic Edge. He is having so much fun learning confidence, focus and self control while we, as parents, are learning a new vocabulary to apply these lessons at home. We are so proud of our little warrior and so impressed with Mr. Sturgess' integrative approach to teaching life lessons. His teaching is the embodiment of strength and compassion. Thank you Dynamic Edge Martial Arts! "

-- Bill & Meg